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If you are looking for a fresh start for your business, then moving to The Liverpool Film Studios could be just what you need. Speak to one of the team today and find out why.

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The Liverpool Film Studios

The Liverpool Film Studios gets its name having been the home for a number of film production companies making a variety of different films/programmes. 

The film “51st State” featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Carlyle was one of the first films produced at the centre, but more recently accommodation was provided to the team that made the highly acclaimed television series “Cilla”.

Liverpool Film Studios

Meet Paul

Paul has been Centre Manager at LFS for 11 years now, and ensures the safety of our clients, brings in and settles new businesses and does all the other jobs in-between. Don’t be shocked to see him with a hoover or mop in hand, he loves to get stuck in!

In his spare time, he is a keen baker, having studied Bakery & Pastry at Catering College. According to Paul, there is nothing more relaxing than whipping up a celebration cake or pushing his skills to create a wedding cake!

With the help of our MD, he has helped to modernise and energise the centre into what we believe to be the perfect place to work.

Be sure to say hello if you spot him on site!

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