Mailboxes & Call Answering

Are you missing important calls whilst you work?

Have you ever missed an important opportunity as you were busy when the call came in? Let us answer calls for you and we can make sure that you do not miss the opportunity again. As a provider of serviced offices, we like to help our businesses by offering services like these.

Would you like your business to look bigger than it is?

Creating the right impression when trying to secure that big contract could be very important. Let our professional team create that impression for you.

Do you take work calls whilst on holiday?

Let us take your calls for you whilst you are away. If a call is important we can still contact you but you will no longer be bothered by those irritating (and expensive) sales calls.

At the Liverpool Film Studios we think it is important for you to keep focussed on your business and by answering your organisations telephone calls, you can keep concentrating on what is most important.

We have professionally trained reception staff answering your calls in your prescribed manner and using your organisations name.

Calls can be handled in a number of ways:

  • If you are in the office and want to take your calls, we can forward all calls directly to you.
  • If you are unable to answer a call after a pre-defined number of rings, it can be diverted to be answered by our staff.
  • We can answer all calls and then forward them on to you wherever you are.
  • We can also take a message and email or text you the message depending on which contact method you prefer.

Our call answering services are provided on monthly terms and can be varied depending upon your expected call volumes.

Are you always out when packages are delivered?

By taking our mailbox service you can arrange for post and packages to be sent to our address.  Deliveries are signed for and held at our reception for a period of time, allowing you to drop in at your convenience and pick up your items.

Interested in these services?

Call Answering from £44.99 /month + VAT, Mailboxes from £34.99 /month + VAT . Combine both services for £74.99 per month + VAT